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Episode 007 Irish Terrorists, Spies, and More

With St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) being celebrated this week, In The Past Lane takes a look at some fascinating Irish American history. 1. We start with a feature piece on why Americans in the late 19th century associated Irish immigrants with terrorism. That’s right, long before 9/11, the Irish loomed large as a dangerous immigrant group that committed acts of terrorism. 2) Next, we present a feature on Hercules Mulligan, the Irish immigrant who served as a trusted spy against the British during the American revolution. You might recognize his name if yousubscribe-button‘ve seen “Hamilton, The Musical,” or listened to the soundtrack. 3) Then we turn to The History Skinny, the segment where we talk about news stories that relate to history. This week we chat it up with In The Past Lane’s Senior Historical Correspondent, Stephanie Yuhl. 4)and finally, it’s on to a short piece on the dozens of American slang terms (47 to be precise) that start with the word “Irish.” Ever hear of Irish confetti?  Better listen in.
[episode notes and credits below]

Episode 007 notes and credits

Further Reading about the Irish and the Fenian Movement

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