ca. 1920's --- Barrels of beer emptied into the sewer by authorities during prohibition. Undated photograph. BPA2# 4180 --- Image by © Underwood & Underwood/CORBIS

Episode 003 American Prohibitions & More

This week’s episode focuses on American prohibitions. That’s right, Prohibitions in the plural. Even though Americans think of themselves as a people who have always prized individual liberty, history shows that there are MANY examples where one group of subscribe-buttonAmericans tried to stop another group of Americans from engaging in a particular behavior.  So here’s the lineup:
1. First, I interview historian Lisa McGirr about her new book, The War on Alcohol: Prohibition and the Rise of the American State.
2. I also examine a little-known prohibition crusade from the early 20th century that tried to ban cigarettes.
3. Mercy Street Rewind: Historian Megan Kate Nelson drops in for her weekly review of PBS’s historical drama, “Mercy Street,” We call this segment, Mercy Street Rewind.  This week, we talk about season 1, episode 3. PLEASE NOTE: to avoid dropping spoilers on unsuspecting listeners, this Mercy Street Rewind feature appears as a separate segment.  You’ll find it listed as MSR S1Ep03 in your iTunes cue, right after the In the Past Lane Episode 003.

Episode 003 credits:

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    I’m loving the content of the podcast. I like that it’s about interesting topics that we think we know about but in reality there’s so much more to know. The only issue I have at this point is the reviews of Mercy Street. I have not seen the show and it seems that there should be a disclaimer about spoilers at the beginning of your episode.

    • Edward T. O’Donnell

      Many thanks! I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the podcast. And thanks for the suggestion about Mercy Street – I will add a spoiler alert!