Episode 001 Death and the Civil War, Mercy Street, & More

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And we’re off! In this the debut episode of the In The Past Lane history podcast, we take on the American Civil War. Or more specifically, we focus on a new PBS drama set in a Union hospital, “Mercy Street.” Here’s the lineup:
1. Thinkpiece: The Magnitude of Death in the Civil War
2. Interview with Lisa Wolfinger, co-creator of “Mercy Street.” It’s a fun and wide-ranging discussion of the show and her vision for bringing the Civil War to life via historical fiction.
3. Mercy Street Rewind: Historian Megan Kate Nelson drops in for her weekly review of PBS’s historical drama, “Mercy Street,” We call this segment, Mercy Street Rewind.  This week, we talk about season 1, episode 1. PLEASE NOTE: to avoid dropping spoilers on unsuspecting listeners, this Mercy Street Rewind feature appears as a separate segment.  You’ll find it listed as MSR S1Ep01 in your iTunes cue, right after the In the Past Lane Episode 001.

Episode 001 credits:

Jay Graham, ITPL Intro (courtesy, Kevin McCleod, “Impact Moderato” (Free Music Archive)
Lee Rosevere, “Going Home” (Free Music Archive)
Andy Cohen, “Trophy Endorphins” (Free Music Archive)
The Bell, “I Am History” (Free Music Archive)