How to Subscribe to the In The Past Lane podcast (and Why)

Subscribing to In The Past Lane is free and really easy to do. And it brings you two great benefits: 1) new episodes of In The Past Lane automatically download to your listening device and 2) you gain access to the entire archive of past episodes of In The Past Lane.
To subscribe, just click on one of the icons below (most people choose iTunes)


Button-Stitcher-Shine copy


NOTE: after clicking on this iTunes icon, you need to click the blue “View in iTunes” button on the left (just under the In The Past Lane logo). Then you will be able to subscribe and leave a review.

  • Elliot Blair Smith

    Maybe you wish you’d been first to discover Starbucks, Twitter or Klipsch speakers. For stimulating conversation—and a great place to hang out—try tuning into “historian at large” Ed O’Donnell, and his In the Past Lane podcast.